Monday, August 4, 2008

French Rugby Team Nude Calendar

LOCKER ROOM NUDES: DIEUX DU STADE: THE RUGBY PLAYERS OF STADE FRANÇAIS PARIS AND THEIR GUESTS is an attractive portfolio of photographs by FRANÇOIS ROUSSEAU, who has taken pictures of this rugby team (and their friends) for an annual calendar since 2000.
The men are terrific looking; the feel is sublime and erotic. The photos are all black and white.

This remarkable collection of candid nude photos of France’s national rugby team goes beneath the uniform to reveal what real jocks look like underneath it all. Each image taken by leading French photographer François Rousseau depicts the rugby players, alone or with teammates undressing, lounging on the bench and showering.

Locker Room Men is at once a celebration of athletes and the beauty of the male form as well as the fulfillment of the fantasy of going behind the scenes in a winning team’s locker room. Sure to appeal to both gay men, these photos are unusual because the men are not models. They don’t work out just to look good. Their bodies are sculpted by winning victories on the field. They aren’t made up, shaved, or prettified in any way.

These are some of the world’s best rugby players?brawny, tough, competitive.Since 1999, the French national rugby team has posed nude or semi-nude for an annual calendar. The purpose behind the calendar was to get wider “exposure” for rugby and the team. In 2004, François Rousseau was selected as photographer, and he successfully brought out the sensual beauty and sexiness inherent in the rugby players’ rough and tumble exterior. The calendar became a cult hit, and thus the book was born so that even more of these unparalleled images could be savored.

Whether or not rugby will become more popular in this country remains to be seen, but this book will certainly raise the game’s profile.

French National Rugby Team - The Players

Pierre Albaladejo
Jean-Pierre Bastiat
Jean-Michel Benacloï
Abdelatif Benazzi
Pierre Berbizier
Serge Betsen
Serge Blanco
André Boniface
Guy Boniface
Olivier Brouzet
Christian Califano
Thomas Castaignède
Jérôme Cazalbou
Fernand Cazenave
Marc Cécillon
Éric Champ
Michel Crauste
Benoit Dauga
Christophe Dominici
Jacques Fouroux
Jean Gachassin
Fabien Galthié
Imanol Harinordoquy
Stéphane Glas
Constantin Henriquez De Zubiera
Raphael Ibanez
Adolphe Jauréguy
Yannick Jauzion
Mani Kula
Thierry Lacroix
Patrice Lagisquet
Bernard Laporte
Olivier Magne
Yves du Manoir
Roger Martine
Jo Maso
Frédéric Michalak
Guy Novès
Émile N'Tamack
Alain Paco
Robert Paparemborde
Fabien Pelous
Alexandre Pharamond
Jean Prat
Jean-Pierre Rives
Philippe Sella
Pierre Villepreux
Dimitri Yachvili

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